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Yayyyy sorry for being dead!Start and submit your masterpieces and dont forget note your partner!
Was any of you left without assignment?
:heart:Why so late?:heart:
I was in need of an other artist because one of the participant's was left without assignment!Don't worry every belated day shall be a + day for you(deadline)
Now before starting here are few things you must know about the art and the gifts!
:bulletred:Gifts are valentine themed!
:bulletred:Gifts may be waist ups,full-body but avoid portrait...(just in case you are really good at)
:bulletred:You may draw one/two or more characters.
:bulletred:Please draw Backgrounds...As detailed as you can!lol (well even patterns are fine just remeber to make you piece look attractive and worthy for your partner)
:bulletred:PLEASE TAKE YOUR ASSIGNMENT SERIOUSLY&AND WORK HARD!Im sure all of you put a lot of time and effort on their gifts so it's better for them to receive a gift with the same effort and love!
:bulletred:Note:*NO SKETCHES OR LINEARTS!*
:bulletred:Don't be late!Don't make your partner wait :(
:bulletred:No Vulgarity,Nudity etc... AND RESPECT THE RULES OF DA!
I know all of you are great artist but to give you an idea this is what we(and I'm sure your partner does to) wan't to see as gift:*FEATURE TIME*
SS:Rai-Chii by genki-deEverything in its right place by LudysisIn the Forest by WeiyuaL i l y . by sheryuLust by d-oppelgangerAudience of choice by ChoKoharaIB by SukihiCP Paleigh by KyouKaraa[ N-Y-E ] arcanium by parariiePtRSN: Ride the Waves by OnstaHBD Tapi by arcaniumUnder the Night Sky by KooRiikoStop Dreaming, Shortcake. by TerraTerrific-Secret Garden- by Rumi-KuuCommission .: Rayphe :. by MifuuLiquid Life by m-o-th:thumb343855277:i hope that you catch me by anti-phonyLittle planet by HachiimiSword Art Online: Asuna and Kirito by KamanikiStarlight by wishcapsuleSS: ChiNoMiko by cyblixGC: Swan Song by tooaya.Petals of the bara. by HetiruSwan Serenade by IllyciaComm: Shino Asada by retrozeroChromatic Colors by ClandestineKnightAPH - China by HarumagaiCarnal by Miss-EtoileGodess of the Sky Kingdom by CentiFace to face by FCNartYOU-cee: Porcelain by YOU-ceeAozora by HaiHoVoThanHH - Love Letters by naochikoKrbs: KagaKuro's Day by miocchiMZ - Sky Waltz by faithomFloating by raitokura
Thats all!Now take your time and give birth to a masterpiece!^^ Lots of love :heart:
:heart:PLEASE READ:heart:
:bulletred:It seems like we are going to miss the 14th of February,because most of the members haven't written their wish-list yet and we can't proceed any further without,we are going to extend it.I left the final dates on March so you have more time!
Note If you don't submit the wishlist before 16 of January you will be kicked out of the event!(no exceptions)

:heart:Dates and event organisation
:bulletred:Members sing up:
Starts-4th January 2013
End-9th January 2013

Starts 10th-January 2013
Ends 12th-January 2013

Starts 10th of January
Ends 16th of January!
*During this period you have to write your journal-wish-list.
Notes will be sent out on 13th-14th January.
Starts 16th of January
Ends   17th of January
:bulletred:Final deadline
Gifts must be submitted the 14th of February-til'21th of February.
Gifts must be submitted the 15 of March til' 22 of March
(Max of extension is of 7 days from 21-28).
:heart:Dates and event organisation:heart:
:bulletred:Members sing up:
Starts-4th January 2013
End-9th January 2013

We just finished with the first part of the event and we are proud to announce that we have 45 great artist!Here is the full list(which later will be updated with the wish-lists)…
Starts 10th-January 2013
Ends 12th-January 2013
*During this period you have to write your journal-wish-list.
:bulletred:CHECK HERE THE
When writing a wish-list you must know that some artist can't draw boys and others can't draw girls and to avoid excuses like:"This is the best I could do because I suck on boys/girls"...Here's what you must provide to your mate:
:bulletred:Gifts will be valentine themed!LOTS OF LOVE FOR EVERYONE!
:bulletred:It's ok to draw just a character or a couple/or a group picture...just remember the rule above!
:bulletred:For each of the characters provide full-body/clear images(thumbs),and a small information about them.
:bulletred:Provide images even for Fan-characters!
:bulletred:Please add a female couple(girl-love)
:bulletred:Please add a male couple(boy-love)  
If you don't have any make sure to add 2 Male characters and 2 Female Characters!So you offer your mate bigger choices to draw what's his/her best!*This means to add random characters and allow your mate to match them!It's a pretty cool idea you'll never expect how your mate will draw them!*
:bulletred:Try to have many options on your journal!This will make things easier for your partner and allow him/her to find inspiration more easily!
:bulletred:Note not everyone is comfortable drawing gl/bl.Its okay to request it but if you do make sure you have other choices too.  
:bulletred:Avoid heavy/pornographic material ,a little nudity & close poses it's ok but nothing more than that.
Still undecided about the journal?Check our template:
Dear Love-Exchange partner...
Here is what I would like you to draw for me:
Narutonaruto by alemars& HinataHinata by XsoRa
This two are  both teenagers,love each other...ect.Hinata is very shy but strong,Naruto is a very outgoing boy ect...
(write your info in1-2-3 sentences)
Light YagamiLight Yagami King Of The World by Graphfun & L L by andrahilde
Light is this guy with a really serious writing problem...and L is this other guy with a creepy
(ignore me x3 )
S.Jupiter Sailor Jupiter by k-BOSE & S.Saturn Sailor Saturn by k-BOSE
Jupiter is a strong girl,clever etc...Saturn is a shy girl,she loves purple...etc
:bulletred:Other characters
(random)Anime girl Anime Girl 6 by x0xHinamoriiXchanx0x
She's cute and loves red colour...O.o
(random)Anime girl Another random Anime Girl Render! by BakaChasity
She's very serious and clever...etc
(random)Anime guy Astro Boy by Red-J
He loves wearing short pants and flying etc
(random)Anime guy boy by camielina
He's a lone wolf and real serious guy...etc.
Dear Love-Exchange partner feel free to draw any of them or match them with each-other or do a group picture.
Thanks for drawing for me!
Lots of Love :heart:

Having problems?Needing help?Write here or send us.Once you are done with your wish-list link it to us here(well at any rate we'll keep an eye on you)Please for further info/suggestions and other concerns feel free to note us!
After we'll be done with this step,we'll inform you about other rules and infos related to the art...
More Journal Entries





Welcome to our group!We tried to select great artist so that everyone can receive beautiful gifts!*we...I and my crew...;p
:bulletred:WHAT WE DO?
We do a simple exchange of valentine-themed gifts.You have to draw OC/FC/FA for other artists.*Yep no complicated requests!The important thing in here is having fun and spreading the love:heart:
:bulletred:For further info Check here the entire Rules:valentineexchange.deviantart.c…
In here you may find all the deadlines and procedures.
:bulletred:IF YOU WANT TO JOIN
Send a join request to our group with this sentence :"Spread the love 2013"
If you have any question/concern/suggestion please write us.Thanks for reading!


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